Sefirot is an ancient game from the lost lands of Dioscoria.
a walk through the dreamlands
Interactive Fiction
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A Tarot RPG! Dive into adventures & wield sorcery, guided by a one-of-a-kind scenario divination and card ruleset.
Magdebörg is a solo/co-op game where you play an inhabitant of the City of Magdeburg during the sack of the city.
Interactive documentary experience that explores humankind’s difficult relationship with nuclear energy.
A machine fever dreams of war
Visual Novel
During the Syrian revolution turned war, government snipers terrorised the citizens of Aleppo.
Visual Novel
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Escape the war. Break the walls of silence.
A Brechtian Shooter
A goblin brutality in virtual reality
Retirement seemed the easy choice. Let's see how long you can enjoy it.
Interactive Fiction
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The full room VR Experience (VR optional)
a sci-fi novella
Interactive Fiction
Sell shoes to make a living!

Short Experiences / Jam Games