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Path Out is is an autobiographical adventure game that allows the players to replay the journey of Abdullah Karam, a young Syrian artist that escaped the civil war in 2014. Camouflaged as a Japanese RPG, Path Out is a tale full of surprises, challenges and paradoxical humor, giving insight in this real-life adventure, on which Abdullah comments through youtube-style videos in the game.  The current version of the game is an extended demo with approx. 45 minutes of gameplay.


  • JRPG based on real events

  • Relive Abdullahs escape from war-torn syria.

  • Unique neo-orchestral electronica music with oriental influences by wobblersound.

  • Meticulously researched pixel art style inspired by classic 16-bit games and Syrian art

  • Video commentary by Abdullah Karam

Path Out is an episodic game. In this very first demo version  of the adventure , Abdullah recalls life before the war, a family decision that led to his departure and the perilous journey from his hometown Hama to the Turkish border through the war-torn Aleppo province. In its final version of up to five episodes, the game should take the player on a journey from Syria through Turkey, Greece and the Balkan until he finally arrives at his destination (and current whereabout) in Central Europe.

Path Out is a collaboration between Abdullah Karam, the developers of Causa Creations, Wobblersound and the Austrian-American graphic designer Brian Maine. 

This is a free demo version, so we are very happy to receive your bug reports and feedback! If you get stuck in one of the puzzles feel free to bother @mercurylegba on Twitter.

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Hi, I really like the game! It's a great concept and executed very nice. Can't wait to play the rest of it. :)

Congrats on First Blood :) 

And thanks for your kind words!!!