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What do you do with a bunch of assets from an unfinished project, a hungry ape and a general lack of work? Well, ART, of course! Throw in some meaningless and overused quotes (not David Lynch though, that'd be too frivolous), establish a core mechanic that is critical of something something through transparent metaphors, some Mozart, avocados, a pitoresque theatre in Germany, bananas, situationist trivia and physics, et voila: Magilla, Wrath of the Ape

Part of the #PandemicPrototype series. Unoptimized, buggy, beautiful. 

Made by Victor Morales with Unreal Engine & Houdini, supported by Georg Hobmeier & Ben Wahl.

Powered by Stadt Wien, gold extra & Causa Creations.


Gorilla.zip 437 MB

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