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Set in the foggy ruins of an obliterated airport in Ukraine's disputed Eastern regions, The Fallen forces the player into a confusing skirmish that knows no heroes. It tells the stories of ordinary people with ordinary lives, that ended up on this battlefield for different reasons, but all met the same faith in a senseless civil war tainted by nationalism and propaganda.

The Fallen is currently being developed by gold extra with the aid of Andreas Leitner and Christian Knapp. It's an official nominee for the Amaze Awards 2017. This version is a first demo and should give you a glimpse of the intended result. We appreciate any feedback, bug reports, etc.

Team: Georg Hobmeier (Design, Text), Christian Knapp (Code), Andreas Leitner (Code, Design), Coco Rath (2D Design), Katharina Shakina (Translation, Voice), Karl Zechenter (Sound)

Update v002: fixed some issues with the mac version, added dark outlines to subtitles for increased visibility.

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Published153 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Authorscausacreations, tali
Tagsdocumentary, FPS, War
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The Fallen Mac Demo v002 369 MB
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Hi guys, I leave my review of this demo. I love it, pls continue with that. Congratulations.

http://www.elbotonselect.com/review-the-fallen-la-guerra-no-siempre-nos-la-muestran (is in Spanish, sorry xD)

Great, thanks! Gotta find a translator now ;)


I love the work you are doing. Its a very good lesson to learn and a good message to teach. As an American I spend every single day giving my money away to those that will use it to kill innocent people for nothing more than resources, land, and profit. I find myself depressed and feeling guilty every single day of my life, I just wanted to say, this game did not leave much of an impact on me as I feel I am one of the few that already understands what your message is, however it brought a tear to my eye to see others who have the same understanding. Thank you.

Honestly, it's comments like this, that make me realize that making this sort of games actually makes sense. Very much appreciated. Thank you so much.


Wow, this is pretty neat. Kinda touching to me. I don't have any suggestions for this one. Just good job on what you made so far. Really. Thanks.

Thanks for your kind comment!

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Отличная идея.

Мне кажется, было бы неплохо сбоку выводить фотокарточки персонажей, которых игрок убил, с возможностью ознакомиться с их краткими биографиями. Отсутствие лица и похожий внешний вид мобов обезличивает персонажей, делая их похожими и безсодержательными.

Отсутствие какой-либо статистики убитых так же делает убийство в игре просто действием. Счётчик смертей разжигал бы азарт. Фотокарточки без упоминания кол-ва убитых и которые игрок видит во время игрового процесса, вероятно, были бы лучше.


Thanks for the great feedback! Since this is just a demo that we made in a bit more than a week, we are very happy to receive such suggestions and will certainly consider them, when we take up the project again.

Is there any end or do I just have to hit exit when there is no one left?

There's no proper ending yet, it's just a demo. Currently, there's a certain chance you get hit by a artillery shell, that increases with every person killed.


Very cool concept, looking forward to seeing it develop

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Wow, this is really weird. I had EXACTLY the same idea for a game which I made back for LD33. Though I didn't have time to finish the people-part in 2 days, but you can read the description http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=42012

Btw good job, really well done! :)

Thanks! We'll try to make this into a bigger experience later this year.


Нет войне - даёшь рок-н-ролл!


That was a different experience for me, I hope I understood the concept. It reminded me of the stalker games but when I realised what the gameplay was like it changed my opinion. As it is a prototype I would be happy to play this again when the full version is done. If you put this on the Gamejolt website I will be happy to vote for it. Could you clarify for me, the stories told are they true stories of real people or fictional for the game?

YouTube: Fellowplayer


Thanks for the Let's Play, very much appreciated. The stories are indeed based on the lives of those who have died in the conflict. Names were changed however and some details swapped around and slightly altered to fit them into the short texts.