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Set in the foggy ruins of an obliterated airport in Ukraine's disputed Eastern regions, The Fallen forces the player into a confusing skirmish that knows no heroes. It tells the stories of ordinary people with ordinary lives, that ended up on this battlefield for different reasons, but all met the same faith in a senseless civil war that was instigated by autocratic forces in Moscow.

The Fallen was  developed by gold extra with the aid of Andreas Leitner and Christian Knapp. At Amaze 2017 it was a nominee for the Most Amazing Game Award. 

Team: Georg Hobmeier (Design, Text), Christian Knapp (Code), Andreas Leitner (Code, Design), Coco Rath (2D Design), Katharina Shakina (Translation, Voice), Karl Zechenter (Sound)

Update v003: added new intro, some sort of conclusion, various visual and acoustic  improvements, new assets and map elements & some new sound features. ENJOY!

Update concerning the v003 Update: Currently facing issues with MacOS version, therefore this is not available for now. 

PRESS! Here's our press kit. Use it wisely ...

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Authorscausacreations, tali, gold extra
Made withUnity
Tagsdocumentary, FPS, War
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Heya! The game wont work for me somehow. It opens the game and then closes it immedially, any help?


Alas, could be a bunch of reasons, depending on your OS. We haven't updated the game in a few years ... It definitely does not work with OSX anymore. Sometimes starting it in admin mode on Windows fixes what you just described. Sorry about that!


This aged really well


just opened it and i cant look around but i can move perfectly fine can you help pls this game looks amazing


That's a tricky one. Since you can move around, there shouldn't be any issues with the build and we haven't had a similar issue before. I would check the mouse input again. 

Same here. I can move at first, but while I'm hiding behind a wall while in scoping, I moved a little bit and I got off from scoping. After that, I can't turn to the left, only to the right. Also, when you scope, it's not the point what I was expecting to view.


This is a strong and touching experience. Thank you.


graphics 6/10

storyline 4/10

sound 8/10

overall rating 6/10

Deleted 1 year ago

These stories are based on the biographies of people who died around 2015 in the Donbas conflict. 


Deleted 1 year ago

This is the "game". You shoot. People die. You hear their stories. In the end something slightly different happens. You may die too.


ah k, pretty cool


i surived it to kill more russua


If that's all you take from it, then you entirely miss the point. This is not so much a ''game'', as much as an interactive fiction about the futility and tragedy of war. The people you are shooting are not just concepts for ideology, but human beings with lives and existences. That's what it's trying to do.

ikikik, i get it now


You are absolutely right. At first I was confused, but then after one murder it dawned on me...


works for 32x win bits?

Deleted 2 years ago

aye if you gonna follow me here, follow my gamejolt instead because that's what i'll actually be using https://gamejolt.com/@skyistumbling

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Exceptional. It seems as though for my whole adult life I have been searching for a game- or any interactive experience- that manages to show the cost of war with such subversive technique. This is an excellent piece of work and I look forward to seeing what you develop next 


I think you may like "War Remains" if you have a VR headset.


Very interesting, not all the titles make you look at the war from that sadly realistic point of view. Made me reflect for a long time, very well developed <3

An interesting concept, but at the moment I can't say anything more tbh. I think the worst part of the demo is it's length and the kinda broken optimization, but let's not forget, that that's the opinion for 003v.


Thanks for playing! Interesting concept is what we were aiming yet, since this was made in a rather brief prototyping phase. Hence its shortness and lack of optimisation. Of course we would love to make this into a much bigger experience, but these type of games are a tough sale for publishers and financiers. 

Well then, I'm really looking forward to the further updates! :)

Getting a "cannot open" error on Mac.

Thanks for reporting the error, this seems to be related to the OS ... We'll be taking a closer look and hope to fix this.


Confirmed, it's a Mac OS issue. We have to see how to fix this, again, thanks for reporting.


Thank you!

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This is propaganda. There is no civil war, this is Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

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While Russian aggression might be a part of this, Ukrainians are still killing Ukrainians. This game is not about who is right and who is wrong on a political level, it looks at the lives of those lost in this war. Don't spoil this memorial with words of dissent, there are other forums for this.

It's a game.  Take your head out of reality and enjoy some fiction.


I can not, it happens in my country.

It's only effective if you believe it .. I consider it a game.. I haven't played it, I decided against this one. But I think it's important to view it in the context.
There's lots of games that are incorrect or skewed out there, but I still view them as just games and not a medium to go to for reality / news / information.

I don't quite understand, how can you make a comment on something, that you haven't played?

I've played it after I commented the other day.. it's a game.. my opinion hasn't changed.. virtually all war games that are based on actual areas and conflicts are propaganda based.. but I realize it's still a game.

good point

(1 edit)

war is never a game even in game is at worst a simulation and training for future russian killers and thats the enjoy part millions of dead russia soliders that pick up a gun to ukraine boom death bye bye losers easy 

its very real an every dead ruska is a good one as long as a weapon in hand 

aggreed and wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians. russia will lose and lose big. 


Very interesting concept. Not a lot of games go into that sort of surrealness that comes with the topic. There is really only one thing that I saw that needs to be looked into going forward. Its a pretty small thing but when the control overlay pops up, at least on the Mac V003, the W is off center compared to the rest. I don't know if its just my computer being stupid or what but its something that can add more polish if corrected.Good luck moving forward on this, I can't wait to see whats next for this.


What its like to kill a man... 


I encourage you to also look at those interviews.

Might have to show this on stream. I played through it twice. It was hard. 

Deleted 4 years ago

The game was very fun. The stories of the people you kill are very touching. Hope to see more of this game.


Honestly just an amazing game. The artwork, the narration, the way you are thrown into the middle of it, I just love this game. Hoping to see more of this or see more like this in the future.


It's an original idea that was actually really compelling and touching, very short but for sure worth it. Gameplay is somewhat boring after a few minutes and storyline is non-existent but still a worth-while game. 6.5/10

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It isn't a full game yet, they said that in their description.


I had to try the new version (0.3). On one hand more satisfying. On the other more frustrating. That's a thing games do so well done.


what did i just play


Wow! This game is unlike anything I've seen before... The storyline of the game plus the narrations on the normal lives of the fallen soldiers was really deep and meaningful and somehow, it made me realize that wars aren't easy at all for all those individuals that had fought and died  on those, especially those that were dragged into it.

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this is a masterpiece! not a game, but a piece of art, really! two things seem a bit strange to me though... first: the sniper's position is in the part of the airport that was controlled by ukrainian forces (it's easily recognisable to anyone who follows the conflict),  and second: the airport was in a ukrainian city, but the narrator speaks russian, the names of killed are given in russian phonetics etc. hence my question: do you have plans to also make games on all the other local wars started or  by the russian federation against those nations on those nations' territories: syria (2015), georgia (2008), chechnya (1999, 1994), moldova (1992)?

We have indeed plans to extend this idea to different places and other war zones, but this will go way beyond this region: Syria, Bosnia, Afghanistan, WW2, the Thirty Years War and possibly also speculations about the wars of the future. We will also not stick to the current mechanics, but device new "narrational" mechanics to the stories of the fallen. 


i thought this game was really really good! love the way this game works with narration over the top! something really different! good job on making this!


Thanks a lot!!! 


This is amazing. More people need to see this.


Thanks! Hopefully we get to push this further soon!


I'm speechless...

So much philosophy and life answers lay in this small piece of "game demo".



It may be because my Intel HD 4000 but it had slow mouse and "intro animation" felt weird.

You should (probably) add training targets to first window.

Just a stand-in for now, stay tuned for a new intro as we are just about to rework that bit.


I deleted it after 2 minutes...

I felt so sorry for doing these things :(

It's really good this way too, but makes me more sad than I am already

Thank you for sharing your compassionate reaction nevertheless!



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Hi guys, I leave my review of this demo. I love it, pls continue with that. Congratulations.

http://www.elbotonselect.com/review-the-fallen-la-guerra-no-siempre-nos-la-muestran (is in Spanish, sorry xD)

Great, thanks! Gotta find a translator now ;)


I love the work you are doing. Its a very good lesson to learn and a good message to teach. As an American I spend every single day giving my money away to those that will use it to kill innocent people for nothing more than resources, land, and profit. I find myself depressed and feeling guilty every single day of my life, I just wanted to say, this game did not leave much of an impact on me as I feel I am one of the few that already understands what your message is, however it brought a tear to my eye to see others who have the same understanding. Thank you.

Honestly, it's comments like this, that make me realize that making this sort of games actually makes sense. Very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

its every free peoples war and fight is anyways you can even if just send a buck. hopefully russia will go back to the mongols the did better with it. 


Wow, this is pretty neat. Kinda touching to me. I don't have any suggestions for this one. Just good job on what you made so far. Really. Thanks.

Thanks for your kind comment!

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Отличная идея.

Мне кажется, было бы неплохо сбоку выводить фотокарточки персонажей, которых игрок убил, с возможностью ознакомиться с их краткими биографиями. Отсутствие лица и похожий внешний вид мобов обезличивает персонажей, делая их похожими и безсодержательными.

Отсутствие какой-либо статистики убитых так же делает убийство в игре просто действием. Счётчик смертей разжигал бы азарт. Фотокарточки без упоминания кол-ва убитых и которые игрок видит во время игрового процесса, вероятно, были бы лучше.


Thanks for the great feedback! Since this is just a demo that we made in a bit more than a week, we are very happy to receive such suggestions and will certainly consider them, when we take up the project again.

Is there any end or do I just have to hit exit when there is no one left?

There's no proper ending yet, it's just a demo. Currently, there's a certain chance you get hit by a artillery shell, that increases with every person killed.


Very cool concept, looking forward to seeing it develop

(2 edits) (+1)

Wow, this is really weird. I had EXACTLY the same idea for a game which I made back for LD33. Though I didn't have time to finish the people-part in 2 days, but you can read the description http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=42012

Btw good job, really well done! :)

Thanks! We'll try to make this into a bigger experience later this year.

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