Update #1 is in!

We updated ... a lot, here's a summary of the main points:

Premade Scenarios

  • The playtest kit now includes two premade scenarios: one in Venice and another in Dioscoria!
    • Foil a plot against the Hidden Isle and unmask a magical spy in The Face of the Enemy!
    • In The Rialto Scrolls, find and rescue a brilliant Jewish scholar from the Venetian ghetto before the Doge’s pompous magician captures her and misuses her research!


  • We added an ENTIRE MAGIC SYSTEM, inspired by 16th century magical theories!
  • Group Actions and using magic now have specific rules.
  • When the party crosses a Narrative Threshold, players now use Tarot cards to invent the coming action together.
  • Players can congratulate, or criticize, each other in the new “Agent relationships” scene, rewarding the most awesome performances with mechanical character development.
  • GMs no longer need to face the hardest part of running a game: naming NPCs. (Venice now includes a list of time-appropriate names.)

Rules Changes

  • Players are now discouraged from commiting murder.
  • Ideals now convey a moderate benefit while still presenting a challenge.
  • Players are able to use their ideal with their untrained skills.
  • No challenge can be an automatic fail: anything is possible, just risky.
  • Many class abilities have been updated and rebalanced. Every class has also been given an entirely new ability, bringing the total for each class to eight.
  • Summary of Play and "Downtime" sections have been reordered, so that character development can take center stage during downtime, and players can break a session either after a scenario, or after downtime.
  • "Items and Inventory" section has added information about item advantages, using items, single-use items, and load.
  • New xp trigger questions. Tweaked xp balance.
  • Changes to the process of defeating an adversary in "Advance Adversaries."
  • Tweaks to "planning a scenario" and "The Divination Ritual."

Character creation

  • "Character Generation" section has additional content: 
    • Tips for creating a character ahead of time. 
    • Option to begin the game with a magical proficiency (even if you aren’t a typical magic-user class).
    • Start with a Dioscorian friend.

Character Sheets

  • The backside of the character sheets have new content:
    • List of magical sources and proficiencies.
    • Skill summary and references.
    • Updated abilities list for each class.

Very happy to get some comments - do not hesitate to playtest and give us feedback!


4 - The Hidden Isle - Playtest Character Sheets 0.3.pdf 952 kB
Aug 04, 2023
3 - The Hidden Isle - Playtest Rulebook 0.5.4 - Printer Friendly.pdf 4 MB
Aug 04, 2023
2 - The Hidden Isle - Playtest Rulebook 0.5.4.pdf 13 MB
Aug 04, 2023
9 - The Hidden Isle - Playtest Scenarios.pdf 885 kB
Aug 04, 2023
5 - The Hidden Isle - Rules Reference Sheets 0.2.pdf 725 kB
Aug 04, 2023
6 - The Hidden Isle - The Vision Guide - 0.2.2.pdf 766 kB
Aug 04, 2023

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