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A very interesting topic, and efficient gameplay and videos to convey it, which I'll certainly mention to other people. This type of experience is really welcome. Good luck for th next part!


Very short but otherwise great game!

Thanks for playing, very appreciated!


5 stars, hated the engine, but the sory was nice, just amazing, followed too so I know when it's time to hear the rest of your story


I did a full playthrough of this game a while back. The game was great and im sorry the production value of these videos are not as high as they currently are now.


Hello from Augustus5star from France. Great game. Even if the topic is really serious, you kept sense of humour. I hope Path-Out 2 will be released very soon. Keep it up!

Hey, thanks for your kind word ... we will still take at least a year, since we are currently lacking the funds to make the game, at least in the way we really want to make it. But we are working on that!


This is a truly amazing, and eye-opening experience. I intend to do a full playthrough of this game. 


Thank you so much!

How Do I Play This?


This game is great. I am a junior high teacher in the U.S. I hope to use this game with my students to help them learn empathy as well as connect with more recent events in the world. Thanks for making a great game that engages and entertains the player.

That's great to hear. We have been told on numerous occasions, that the game could function quite well with students. Do let us know, how the game was being received by your pupils!


The gameplay is very simple and that's how it should be, not to get in the way of the (touching & terrifying) story.

So congrats, good game and very good idea to talk about this subject this way.

I read on some comments advising to do localisation, I think the first thing (and easiest) would be to just add english subtitles when Abdullah  talks. I'm not an english speaker myself and sometimes had some trouble understanding.

Good luck with the game ! (and the rest)

Thanks a lot, Dewal! Localisation and subtitles for the video parts are really on top of our list right now!


I really liked the idea! Hoping anxious for the next episode.


Wonderfulf game. There is no need for high end grafics if you have a story to tell. Especially Abdullahs comments are great. Maybe we need more games and stories like these to appreciate all we got in Europe...


This comment isn't really abot the game, but I was still wondering if you were still living in Turkey. And if so, did you happen to be in Eskisehir yesterday? Because we were in the Esparkk shopping center and I saw someone who looked EXTREMELY like you.

I ended up having a crisis about not being able to ask you right in the middle of a clothing store, so I really need to know.


Full disclosure: the game will eventually show the rest of the trip, crossing the sea and leading through numerous treacherous lands until safety ...

Uh... Is that a yes?

That's a "the journey eventually continued all the way to Austria" ;)

So you were at Eskisehir yesterday, shopping at Espark?? I swear, if I don't know, I'm going to have to live the rest of my life having crisises about not asking.

No :) left Turkey in 2015 ...


Thank you for the game! It was great. I like the old rpg-style and the music, combined with the serious story. Hope there will be a continuation.


I actually like this game a lot! It's a shame the developers haven't uploaded it to the community there would love it :) 

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A "game" that needs to be played by far more people. Especially by those "refugees out" *******.  

I think it would be good if you could go even more into detail in the "why you don't fight for your country" matter, or why you didn't take some other family members with you, because that are the first things  the "anti refugee movement" comes up with. Like some explanation videos when you encounter the different groups the first time, or leave your parents behind. 
And  german Subs would be awesome. :)

Hope to see the finished story here one day , not only because I'm curious, but also hope that this project helps you deal with all the shit you experienced. :)

Thanks for the kind words! You have some good points there and since this is just a demo for now, we'll try to make those points more clear in the next iterations. Other languages and localisation is also a valid point, we hope to have additional funds to get that started soon too.


I made a German Let's Play... noticing that my english ain't that good ;-) 


No comments? Huh...

Hi, I really like the game! It's a great concept and executed very nice. Can't wait to play the rest of it. :)

Congrats on First Blood :) 

And thanks for your kind words!!!