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Esteemed Visitors,

Here's a slightly revised version of "In My Garden", a text based "game" that I made for LD30 last year. It's a potentially fictious interactive story about the previous owner of the garden I made this game in, my grandfather. It's for people who like to read. It's rather slow, but rewarding for the curious ones amongst you.

Praise the inklestudios for providing me with the adequate tool. Praise the people who talked me into this experience. Damn my binaural headphones for breaking, resulting in this being a mute experience. And praised be my girlfriend for letting me sacrifice another 48 hours to the gamedev gods.

This journey might take as long as 15 minutes.
There are several paths, that are radically different.
Do take your time and enjoy the reading:


Have fun in the garden!

p.s.: In the Ludum Dare version, this video served as a background soundtrack: http://vimeo.com/104232614

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