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Burn The Boards is a puzzle game by Causa Creations and Jamo Games. It's available for Android and iOS, but a demo can also be played in the broswer with reduced features.

The player takes on the role of Arun, a villager who came to the big city with his wife and child to try his luck. Arun gets work in Chopra's e-waste scrapyard, a small backyard factory where a dozen workers recycle electronic components. In order to feed his family, Arun has to recycle as many boards as possible, while toxic fumes will also poison him at the same time.

Burn the Boards also aims at tangible change. Not only does it want to inform about the dangers of e-waste recycling and the hazardous conditions of informal workers, but it will also allow for an impact in reality. With the support of the German NGO Action for World Solidarity Causa Creations will donate 50% of its revenues to the support of migrating work forces in India, most whom are Dalits („Untouchables").

How to play:

Maximize your profit! Combine value pieces with multiplicator pieces (careful, always get those multipliers first), using the most profitable solutions. Avoid exploding resistors. Use the marvellous blue extension pieces wisely. And don't forget to buy food and medication. Games will be saved automatically, you can press esc and delete the safe game in the options if you want to start from scratch.

If you enjoy our demo, please consider supporting our project! And visit the game's site at www.burntheboards.net

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